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Former Uber and Google engineer finally gets prison sentence

Anthony Levandowski received a sentence of 18 months in prison after his involvement in a situation which involved Google, Uber and Waymo in a court case. The charges were theft of private information from Waymo, owned by Alphabet, which he took to Uber after leaving Uber.

However, Anthony Levandowski will not go directly to prison. His incarceration has already been postponed due to the COVID pandemic – 19. However, the ex-engineer awaits announcement date to enter prison. Until then, it will be confined.


In addition to the sentence, Anthony Levandowski will still have to pay 756 millions of dollars to Google, with a additional fine of 90 thousand dollars. In fact, the former engineer’s sentence was supposed to have been 27 months, with the support of an attorney general of the United States.

It states that the crime of stealing information from one company, taking it to the other company, constitutes a serious theft. This crime undermined the contributions of other individuals who worked to develop the technologies in question, aimed at driving autonomous cars.

Summary of Anthony Levandowski’s situation

Levandowski was an engineer and co-founder of the Chaffeur Project, started by Google in 2009 to develop technology autonomous driving. In 2016, Levandowski left Google and founded Otto with 2 other former employees. Eventually, Uber acquired Otto.

Two months after the acquisition, Google started suing Levandowski and Uber intervened, defending its engineer. Eventually, Waymo, which now develops driving technologies for Google, sued Uber directly, with allegations of patent and document theft.

Patents and documents that were stolen by Levandowski and taken away to Google. Uber eventually managed to strike a deal with Wayo, paying 244 millions of dollars. The former engineer, however, left the original process unresolved.

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