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Form your PUBG Team and fight for the prize of 160 thousand euros!

Form your PUBG Team and fight for the prize of 160 thousand euros!

PUBG Mobile is the same game of choice. Be it for Android or iOS. In my opinion, there is no such interesting and active game at this moment.

It is true that there are many Battle Royal games with the same ideology, including the well-known Fortnite, but the reality of weapons, equipment and gameplay fascinates me.

PUBG Mobile was also a way to bring even closer friends. From Facebook Chat to the “Lan Party’s” that I occasionally have here at home.

Discussion of strategies and between-help, are keywords to win a team game. That’s not to fall into “Pochinki” right from the start.

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will give you the chance to win good money playing on your smartphone

However, it’s time for PUBG Mobile to be even more serious with the new “Star Challenge” challenge. The new competition will offer a prize poll of 500 thousand euros (600 thousand dollars) in sponsorships and money. Of those 600 thousand dollars, 200 thousand will be in cash for the winner. The second place will be with almost 100 thousand euros and the third with almost 50 thousand.

Once the regional teams (divided by the available servers, Europe, Asia, South America …) will be divided, the winners of each region will win 20,000 euros. That is, if you are the best player in Europe you receive 20,000 euros and you are qualified for the finals to win the 160,000.

However, being the real “Chicken Winner” will not be simple. Star Challenge will start with teams of 4 but will end with only one winner.

To enroll you have to get a group of 4 friends and at least one of them will have to have a Twitch or Youtube channel with more than 1000 with more than a thousand followers.

It’s time to see PUBG Mobile gain even more fans and players. I’m glad that the mobile version is highlighted. After all, the game has a totally different gameplay than the PC.


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