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Forget Apple AirPods Pro. This alternative costs less than half the price

AirPods Pro are one of the best all-wireless headsets you can buy, especially if you are an Apple product user. But there is a new alternative on the market, and it costs well less than half of its price.

It is good to bear in mind that AirPods Pro cost 279. 99 € on the official website of Apple, and the main highlight is active noise cancellation. But by 89. 99 €, you can buy ANC TicPods, which also have this same technology.

ANC TicPods have active noise cancellation for 89. 99 €

TicPods ANC

As the name implies, ANC TicPods have as their main banner the cancellation of exterior noise. Mobvoi claims that they can eliminate 35 dB of noise for a more immersive sound experience . They also have a way that you can call to hear everything going on around you.

These have a unit of 13 mm that promises you smooth highs, and vigorous basses. They have support for your virtual assistants, which you can control by touch, just like your music.

TicPods ANC

ANC TicPods have 4 and a half hours of battery life with active noise cancellation

Your battery is not the best on the market, but it promises competence. You will have access to 4 and a half hours with noise cancellation on, and 5 hours without it. The box provides 21 total battery hours and promises 2 and a half charges without having to go back to the socket.

Its design is very ergonomic, and immediately reminds us of the AirPods Pro that we use as a comparison. They are IPX5 certified, which make them resistant to water and sweat.

TicPods ANC

You will be able to charge them via USB-C and can now be purchased on the official Mobvoi website. Recently, the brand also launched the TicWatch C2 +, a smartwatch with WearOS, which you should look at carefully.

Know more about prices and shipping of TicPods ANC

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