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Football Manager 2021 on PS5? Blame it on Sony!

This week Football Manager’s release date was announced 2021. And among the platforms that will receive the title of Sports Interactive on 24 in November, the return to Xbox consoles immediately jumped out.

The game will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This return raised the question of why PlayStation was not included. And it seems that it’s because Sony just doesn’t want to.

Sony didn’t want to have FM 2021 on PS4 and PS5

Miles Jacobson, director of Football Manager, turned to Twitter to clarify that Sony “did not speak” to them “to have the game on their platforms”. Unlike Xbox , who had been showing a lot of desire for several years.

“I’m being asked a lot about this, and maybe I will get in trouble for answering. Our friends on Xbox have spent years asking us to back to their consoles. That’s why FM 19 and FM 20 ended up on the Gamepass at the end of its cycle, and the FM 21 will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox X / S. Sony doesn’t. ”, he clarified.

Being asked this a lot & will get into trouble for answering..Our friends at @Xbox have spent years asking for us to come back to their consoles. It’s how both FM 19 & FM 20 ended up on gamepass towards the end of the cycle, and now FM 21 on Xbox One & Series X / S.Sony didn ‘t. https://t.co/G4PJPWctdO

– Miles Jacobson (@milesSI) 24 September 2020

The main reason was the lack of a dev kit. “To make games for a platform you need a dev kit. We spoke to Sony, and we didn’t receive dev kits. We talked like Microsoft, and they sent it to us, ”he concluded.

Sony may have done this for lack of dev kits, giving preference to other games. This means that if you dreamed of FM 21 on Sony consoles in the near future, you can forget, as it is not a priority for Sony.

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