Home GAMES Football Manager 2019 already has release date revealed

Football Manager 2019 already has release date revealed

Football Manager 2019 already has release date revealed
Football Manager 2019

If you’re a football fan and a simulation game fan, then this news is for you. Sports Interactive has just announced the launch date of its latest Football Manager 2019 game.

The Football Manager saga is the most popular and most realistic in the world of football management simulators. In the market for several years, with each new version are added new game modes and new features.

The simulation of managing a professional football team has never been so close. From year to year the improvements have been significant and its intention is to make the game as realistic as possible.

Now with a new season to start, it’s time to get a new game too. With that in mind, Sports Interactive announced today that Football Manager 2019 will hit stores on November 2nd.

Football Manager 2019 arrives on November 2

Somewhat distant from the official start of the new season, that’s for sure, but it’s the usual schedule for this game. Everything so that the company responsible can portray all aspects of the new football season in the most realistic way possible.

It was mentioned that all versions of the game will be available on the same date. Also, the Football Manager Touch and Mobile will be released on November 2 for the top platforms. Thus, this new simulator will be available for PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Those who purchase the game through a digital platform will have access to the Football Manager 2019 beta two weeks before its release. Those who purchase it from a Sega-approved digital distributor, or an affiliated physical, will receive a 10% discount on the purchase of the game.

As for news of the new game, these are still scarce. It was announced the official licensing of the Bundesliga for the first time in the history of the saga. The cover of the game will also change, failing to contemplate the traditional coach to give us a view of the tunnel at the entrance of the game.

Kratos faces Thor from Marvel in an animation created by a fan

Finally, a refresh of the game interface was also mentioned. More news will arrive in September.


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