Home NEWS Folding batteries will revolutionize smartwatch and smartphones

Folding batteries will revolutionize smartwatch and smartphones

Folding batteries will revolutionize smartwatch and smartphones

From nickel to lithium to lithium-polymer batteries for mobile devices has evolved. But the market and consumers are asking for more. Having said that, when does the next battery revolution come?

According to AndroidHeadlines, South Korean company Jenax says it has a flexible battery pack on the way. Officially announced as J.Flex, it will be presented in Las Vegas at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Jenax will give more details about the new battery cell as early as next Wednesday, 9th, at the Digital Health Summit. This event is part of CES and focuses on digital health solutions such as smartwatches.

The future is flexible and also its potential

The J.Flex system will consist of a flexible battery. However, it will still use lithium-ion cells, which will allow it to maintain a reasonable cost of production. Of course, this brings huge potential for device manufacturers.

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This new battery system can be applied in tighter formats and is not affected by physical factors. This way the cells will maintain consistent performance and can even overcome some problems like overheating. Above all, manufacturers will be able to focus on ergonomics, convenience and other aspects of their device, especially wearables.

These flexible cells are perfect for smartwatches, smartbands and all kinds of mobile gadgets. For any company that manufactures a wearable, fitting a rigid battery is always a headache. Of course, the obvious solution is to have the battery in the clock itself. However, imagine a smartwatch where you have a massive battery along the bracelet, for example. There are many possibilities.

For smartphones, the benefits are also significant. Especially with all the talk around the folding equipment. If the battery folds along with the smartphone, it is halfway there.

In conclusion, do not expect to see an immediate adoption of this new type of batteries. Adopting new technologies for the consumer market is something that takes some time. Even so, it is important to see companies wanting to change the way we view batteries and produce technology for that purpose.


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