Foldable Smartphone Samsung Patent Shows Us Another Design

The Samsung foldable smartphone was unveiled last week. The Samsung’s foldable smartphone is expected to be officially revealed in 2019. Although there are no concrete dates, it is believed that the most plausible date for its revelation is at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the Galaxy S10.

While we believe the foldable smartphone needs an event just for itself, Samsung will be able to take advantage of the great concentration of the media to make us be aware of the future smartphone.

Samsung prepares to launch the first foldable smartphone in 2019

In the development of the folding screen we can see a folding smartphone with two screens. That is, a screen on the front and one on the inside with flexibility. Therefore, it is expected that the first device with such technology can give us this design.


However, the latest Samsung patent shows us another story. We can see a smartphone that doubles by 3. That way, the screen would be much larger than the 7 “inches of the foldable device that was revealed to us.

Samsung prepares to launch the first foldable smartphone in 2019


However, this patent does not indicate that such a product will become official. On a personal note I have to criticize the thickness of the device a bit. Folding the smartphone at 3 means it will be a lot thicker than the smartphone we are currently used to.

In conclusion, Samsung will begin its new ideology of folding smartphones as early as 2019. Hopefully the first year will only be revealed a model to realize the market’s response to the new technology. Let’s see what this is about.


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