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Flea Madness is announced for PlayStation 5

Multiplayer game is chaotic and focused on body combat between fleasCrytivo and Missset announced the game Flea Madness for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021. The title is explained as a “chaotic multiplayer hand-to-hand combat game” and the trailer highlights exactly the insanity of the clashes.

Players control what appear to be mutant fleas with a strong desire to hit each other. When fighting, you will have to dodge and attack enemies quickly. There is no time to think, just command the insect to devour opponents.

The gameplay-focused trailer brought more details to the Flea Madness experience. The title closely resembles the idea of battle royales, but instead of weapons or powers, everything will be solved on the basis of the snap.

Features of Flea Madness

Join a team of alien fleas in this fast-paced maddening game with chaotic multiplayer melee! Choose your species, customize your skills, then hunt, eat and crush your friends in the team game – or Flea for All, where Flea can only have one!

Be deadly – Speed ​​is paramount in Flea Madness. The hesitating Flea is dead! Use various landscapes to hunt and eat prey to earn power-ups – but be careful! Not everything you can eat can agree with you.
Get new skills – Throughout the map, you can find food insects that give various skills, they can speed you up or make a bad joke and make a debuff.
Hide – Use different landscape conditions and find unexpected places to hunt and eat your victim.
Speed ​​is synonymous with survival – Be faster and more astute than your opponents, otherwise you will be eaten or lose your size, which in the world of fleas is almost the same!

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