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How To Flash Stock Rom On Xiaomi With MI Flash Tool

Xiaomi device is becoming famous gradually many people are falling in love with the device so today. We will like to share with how you can use MI Flash Tool to flash stock ROM on Xiaomi device take note you can also use Fastboot command to flash stock ROM on your Xiaomi Redmi device only a few know that the best and easy way to flash stock is via MI Flash Tool.

How To Flash Stock On Xiaomi With MI Flash Tool

Thing You Need

  • MI Flash Tool  Download
  • Your Xiaomi Stock ROM
  • Computer
  • USB Cord
  • Phone Battery 50% Charged
  • Your Brain — ??
MI Flash Tool is a software created by Xiaomi to help it users flash fix and flash stock ROM on their phone when it bricked. The software is light, small and easy to use. Below are the step on
How To Flash Stock On Xiaomi device With MI Flash Tool
Read The following below shows how to use MI Flash Tool

1. The first thing to do before flashing is creating a backup of your important files you have on your phone.
2. To do that

  • Go to Backup Settings On your Phone
  • Then Additional Settings
  • Then Backup & Reset
  • Then Local Backup
  • Then Backup The backup will be stored in your internal storage “MIUI Folder.”

3. Now Install the MI Flash Tool you downloaded Above during installation it will install all the drivers you need to flash your Xiaomi device.
4. Rename your yXiaomi Stock ROM to .tgz if it has extension as .gz
5. After renaming now extract the stock ROM out to the desktop of your computer for easy access
6. Launch the MI Flash Tool on your computer
7. Boot your Xiaomi Into Fastboot Mode by (holding volume down + Power button)
8. In fastboot mode connect your device to your computer via USB Cord
9.Click the select button.
10. Now navigate to your desktop and select the extracted folder containing the Stock ROM of your device then click ok.
11. Now a pop up will appear, you are to click the browse button on Fastboot Script line
12. Navigate again to the Stock ROM folder and select Flash_all.bat then click OK.
13. Click the Refresh button on MI Flash Tool so it detects the device connected.
14. Select what you want to perform on your device at the bottom of the flash tool Flash or Upgrade process.
15. Select this option

  • Clean all wipes all data in the phone after flash (recommended)
  • Save user data keeps the current user data on the device after flash

16. Click the Flash button for the process to begin
When you see “The operation completed successfully”. (0x00000000) That mean the flashing process is complete. You can now boot your device.

Take Note First Boot after flashing take a while so wait while it boot up

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