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5 Google Now tricks that will change how you use Android



Note: Some of these features have been
added to recent updates of Google Now so if you’re still running older
software, you might not have access to them.

Set Google Now to automatically recognize multiple languages:
If you’re a multilingual person, you can add different languages that
you want the service to recognize automatically. Just open up Settings,
then go to Voice, then Languages and check all the languages that apply.
This way Google Now will be able to automatically deliver search
results in English, Spanish, French, etc. depending on the language
you’re using.

Have Google Now play any song instantaneously from YouTube:
Open Google now and instruct it to play a song — for instance, say “Play
‘Hello’ by Adele.” If you tell Google Now to play it in YouTube, it
will become the default option so you can just tell it to play any song
you want and it will pop up on YouTube.

Quickly search for apps on your device by long pressing on the App Drawer in Google Now Launcher:
This is pretty basic: Just long press on the app drawer icon on your
home screen and it will give you a search prompt that will let you type
in the name of the app you’d like to find.

Have Google Now read out your text messages for you: Use
the command “Show me my text messages” in Google Now and it will read
unread texts out loud to you. It also gives you the option to skip text
messages and to search for a text from a specific contact to read as

Google Now can warn you of inclement weather ahead of time: Sure, we all know Google Now can tell you the current temperature. However, as you can see in this screenshot,
it can also alert you when bad weather is expected in the coming days
so you’ll be able to know whether or not to plan that picnic:



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