Home NEWS First public beta of Android Q is now available

First public beta of Android Q is now available

First public beta of Android Q is now available

Everything indicated that the first beta of the new Android Q was made available at any time. That moment finally arrived and behold, Google has already made available to us the first test version of its operating system.

However, things are a bit different than originally planned. The only compatible smartphones so far are Google Pixel, since its first generation. This scenario thus runs counter to reports that this version would be available for more equipment than its predecessor.

So from today, everyone who owns a Pixel smartphone can already experience what new Android Q has to offer us. However, it is important to stress that this is a very early version of this operating system and susceptible to various errors and bugs.

The first beta of Android Q is already available but for now only for the Pixel

So, if you have a Google Pixel, and you want to try Android Q already, you should register on this page   Here you will find all the necessary information as well as the usual warnings for the mishaps that this type of software can bring.

What again brings this version of Android Q?

The main novelties present in this compilation are at the level of security. For example, from now on you will have a greater control over the applications with access to your videos, photos, and downloads.

Secondly, Android Q will limit the applications that will interrupt you in your tasks. From now on, only notifications classified as top priority may overlap with another that you are using at a given time.

Third, we have a new way of sharing content with third parties. Named Sharing Shortcuts, this will take you directly to another application whenever you want to share files with your friends.

The new Android Q also brings new video and audio codecs for a better multimedia experience. In addition, Google includes enhancements to ART that will allow applications to take less time to boot and require less power.

Many more news will surely come in the coming days as developers begin testing the new Android Q. As these are revealed, we’ll also get you started on what Google has been doing. In addition, if more equipment is added to the list of compatible, we also will not refrain from informing you.


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