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Fifa 19: Videos show some of the most bizarre bugs in the game

The title of EA Sports is one of the games that arouses more passions among video game enthusiasts. Jogues on PC, Xbox or Playstation, FIFA 19 is a game for those who like football. However, it is widely known to have great bugs and glitches to get a good laugh out of.

Indeed, we must note that some of these bugs have already been fixed. However, we do a collection of moments from the demo to the final game itself. Some of them were also picked up during competitions like the Fut Champions.

Goalkeeper pushed

In football it is forbidden to push the goalkeeper away from the goal, right? However, in this Pro Clubs mode bug you will see the opponent pushing the opponent’s goalkeeper until he leaves the small area. That makes it easy to score the free, right?

The flying player

This is Demo time. As it has become common in FIFA, players have a habit of flying. Thus, with a simple contact is to see the player fly for a few meters in the field of play. Which Neymar what.

The broken leg

It is true that more and more we have realistic physical contact in the EA Sports title. However, sometimes it is common to see body parts of the players completely bent. That is, legs, arms, and even necks. What matters is that seconds later everything is fine.

This barrier goes wherever

We return to Pro Clubs mode. It is common to see players move one of the members of the barrier. Promptly, the referee warns the offender. However, in this video that was not what happened. Thus, the player leaves the barrier, goes wherever he wants and the referee said nothing.

Fixed camera

This one comes directly from the Fut Champions. FIFA’s chamber 19 may lock completely after a foul or after a goal. So, in a situation like this, you only have to follow the radar until the ball leaves the field of play. In the video, however, we see a player who got on well with the situation.

Invisible beacons

The latter is undeniably my favorite. It also comes from the Fut Champions mode and shows us completely invisible beacons. In this way, it ends up staying with the attacker’s imagination to where it should end.

Although FIFA 19 is a game full of bugs, we can not deny how much fun (and perhaps infuriates) who plays it. For any lover of football and video games is a must have and Ultimate Team mode is undeniably a huge success.

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