Home GAMES FIFA 19 has a game mode with no fouls and impediments

FIFA 19 has a game mode with no fouls and impediments

FIFA 19 has a game mode with no fouls and impediments

The Eurogamer site had the chance to test more than FIFA 19, including a new mode that allows the player to customize the field experience – including removing rules from the game, which removes the referee from the game.

Thus, there is no penalty for fouls or impediments, which means that the player can either enter the punch or pass someone meter behind the line without any punishment.

“No rules is a lot of fun. I kept laughing when I beat everything in my opponent’s players ,  wrote editor  Wesley Yin-Poole . ” You almost have to train to play FIFA in a different way after years of holding on to avoiding yellow cards. Without rules, you can simply beat yourself all the time and this, combined with sometimes hilarious collisions that end up with physics FIFA, makes for a fun and entertaining experience. “

The player may also elaborate other rules for the mode, such as allowing only goals of volley or header during the match.

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In addition, Eurogamer also had a chance to talk to director Matt Prior about Survival , a mode of player elimination that was compared to the Battle Royals phenomenon.

“This whole battle royale thing started long after we thought of this idea, but it’s funny that people are associating with it,” he said. “I’m sure people will not believe me when I say this, but it genuinely had nothing to do with it! But it’s funny how it’s being seen this way. “

Prior even compared the mode with a similar one from FIFA Street, 2012, which removed one player with each goal scored.

FIFA 19 will be launched on September 28 for PC , PS3 , PS4 , Xbox 360 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch .


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