FIFA 18 will have free update of the World Cup

The  EA  revealed that  FIFA 18  will get a free upgrade to the content of the  World Cup in 2018. The update arrives on May 29th at the game – see the trailer above.

The update brings the Russian Cup stadiums, the tournament uniforms, the official ball and the World Cup. The update will be available for  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC and  Nintendo Switch.

In addition to a mode with the qualifiers for the World Cup, it will also be possible to do a customized World Cup with licensed teams that have not passed the qualifiers – in the case of the national teams from Italy, the Netherlands, Chile, the United States and others.

The update breaks EA’s tradition of launching the World Cup game separately.

FIFA 18 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch,  PlayStation 3 and  Xbox 360.


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