Fed up with curved screens? Samsung has a 'card up its sleeve'


Samsung was the manufacturer responsible for popularizing the curved screens on the sides of its high-end smartphones. However, the strategy appears to be about to change slightly.

According to screen analyst Ross Young, the Galaxy S 21 and Galaxy S 21 Plus will have flat screens. That is, only the Galaxy S 21 Ultra will have a curved screen on the side margins. The measure promises to divide opinions.

This statement came in response to a tweet from the reputed leaker Ice Universe. It reads: “I firmly believe that the S 21 and S 21 + will have flat screens. They are already in production. If they change screens now, the S 21 will be postponed at least until the end of February. That is impossible. ”

This means that whoever wants a curved screen on the new Galaxy S 21 will have to opt for the Ultra model. And that implies that these users have to pay higher amounts for the Device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

For their part, those who prefer flat screens will have a good option in this line. The S 21 and S 21 + will be more models “Cheap” and with one or another cut in specifications, but those who prefer flat screens are left with good alternatives.

Apple is practically the only case of a manufacturer that never gave in to the curved screens on the sides , against a trend that was installed in the various Android manufacturers. And for the happiness of some and the sadness of others, this step by Samsung may start to mean a return in this practice. We will see how the market reacts to these design changes.

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