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Fans of “Mario” forced the Japanese government to review their law

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Obviously, the authorities of the Land of the Rising Sun were fed up with sloppy tourists who, dressed up in costumes of the heroes of the Mario series, drive around the Tokyo streets on small maps. Rather, it is tired not so much from the zealous cosplayers themselves, as from the number of accidents with their participation. Japan is one of the few countries where it is possible to move along the main roads on maps, but their activities have been regulated, it seems, is not very rigid.

The fact is that mummers Nintendo only in the last year became participants in three serious traffic accidents. And, of course, the pilots of tiny karts are on the road in an unplayable position. To somehow protect potential victims in the event of an accident, the Tokyo authorities obliged the creators and owners of such equipment to equip the vehicle with safety belts. Also, from now on, kart drivers are required to wear helmets. Apparently, wear them cosplayers will have under the headgear, so as not to destroy the integrity of the images.

Innovations touched the vehicles themselves. After the law comes into force, the map will be “allowed” to be in the general flow of cars on the main roads of the city only if its height is not less than a meter. This measure is adapted so that other road users can quickly view the tiny machine from the car windows. To top it all off, the steering wheel map must be covered with a soft cloth that softens the impact and minimizes injuries in the event of a collision. To the noses and cheekbones of the riders were in relative safety.

Nintendo itself, by the way, is not very favored by offices supplying fans of the creativity of the company with the costumes of the heroes of games and stylized maps. Not so long ago, “Big N” strongly quarreled with one of these firms. It came to court.



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