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Run Away! Fake WhatsApp Video Calling Link Don’t Click

Hacker are always out to make exploit with any new opportunity they find.  Not too long Whatsapp launched the WhatsApp’s video call feature, which many users are enjoying while some are not because they have not updated their Whatsapp to the latest version. You will be surprised that unverified link has been on WhatsApp claiming to be an invite link to activate WhatsApp’s Video call.
RunAway! Fake WhatsApp Video Calling Link Don't Click

Please Don’t Click the Fake Link

The Fake WhatsApp Video Calling link claims to be an invite link to activate the latest Video calling feature on WhatsApp. When you click the fake link, you will be sent to fraud web page to enable your video calling feature.
Below is the Spam Message
You’re invited to try WhatsApp Video Calling feature. Only people with the invitation can enable this feature”. 
Once you click on the fake link, it will take to you to fraud website.
The Fraud website is designed in a way to trick you easily believe me the most observant of us will be deceived to click it. When anyone clicks on the “Enable” button, they will be redirected to a page which requires the user verification.
After doing the above, it will ask you to share the link to invite four of your friends to enable this feature through the same link. We advise you don’t click on this link because by doing so you become extremely vulnerable to hacking and expose to spammers.
You love the video call features and what to enable yours download the latest the version of Whatsapp. The call feature will be enabled automatically after the update.
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