Home NEWS Facebook’s financial report shows that polemics did not affect business

Facebook’s financial report shows that polemics did not affect business

Facebook's financial report shows that polemics did not affect business

On Wednesday (30), Facebook revealed the financial results of the last quarter of 2018, which considers the gains obtained by the company between October and December. And even though last year was extremely difficult for the company’s public image due to the various privacy scandals in which it was involved, these scandals did not influence practically anything the company’s financial activity.

During the last three months of last year, Facebook grossed revenue of $ 16.9 billion – a 30% growth over the same period last year. The company also showed growth in the number of daily users (1.52 billion) and monthly users (2.32 billion), both 9% higher than the same period of 2017.

Although all this growth is incredible – especially considering the current size of the social network – they show a nice slowdown, since in the same period of 2017 the company had a growth of 47% in revenues and 15% in the number of users compared to 2016.

In addition to these figures on the main social network, the Facebook also announced that around 2.7 billion people use “Facebook family” programs (besides the social network itself, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also come) by less than once a month, and about 2 billion use at least one of them every day.

The report also shows an increase in advertising revenue from mobile devices, which in the last quarter of 2017 accounted for about 89% of revenue, and in the same period, last year saw this number rise to 93%. Facebook also used the report to reveal a 42 percent increase in its workforce, now numbering 35,587, and possibly growing tremendously because of the need to increase the platform moderator group after the company was year-old accused of helping to promote fake news and hate speech.


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