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Facebook will have new translation system with artificial intelligence

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Due to its global reach and more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, Facebook faces serious difficulties in making its resources and services available to different regions of the world because of the complicated barrier of translation and adaptation of services into new languages. 

To combat this problem, the company is now investing in new artificial intelligence systems, which could help in making new resources available more quickly to new regions.

The system utilizes applied machine learning and correlates between languages to assist in the process of adapting services, allowing up to 30 times faster translations of new features.

According to the company, the goal of the project is to enable the global availability of new tools with much more speed – which means that regional and localized tests of new features, such as Facebook Watch , for example, which is currently only tested in the United States, soon to be replaced by simultaneous deployments in several countries.

” From the standpoint of multilingual understanding, I want everyone to use all the features Facebook develops in its own language, ” said Necid Fazil Ayan, Facebook’s translation director at TechCrunch. ” We want a world where all resources are available everywhere and can be used by everyone.”

About 20 engineers are currently involved in the project, which has been in progress since last year and is currently being tested with French, German and Portuguese.


  1. Wow! Fantastic news! Mark Zuckerberg is a great man. I know this new feature if it’s has successfully launched it will earn him a lot! Very humble man.
    Thanks so much for this special info..

  2. That’s a great news Fellas! Thanks for sharing the info. Soon as possible! Facebook will turn to something else! The best social media that collaborate everyone together.

  3. Wow that is very cool 😎 info.. Facebook is a great social media, and the new feature artificial intelligence will make it cool too. Thanks for the info


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