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Facebook Stories exceeds 300 million active users

Facebook Stories exceeds 300 million active users

The introduction of Facebook Stories had a very heterogenous reaction from users. For some time it seemed until it would turn out to be a true flop. However, after a year and a half, the functionality inspired by Snapchat proved to be a real success.

Today, during an event in New York, the company revealed that it currently has more than 300 million users taking advantage of Facebook Stories every day.

Although it has not been specified what percentage for each of the platforms, 300 million active users is a rather surprising number. In this way, manages to put the platform much closer to the 400 million presented by Instagram.

There is no doubt that he has “appropriated” the idea implemented by Snapchat. However, the way you have made it evolve functionality on your platform steadily, it is simply brilliant.

Facebook Stories already has almost as many active users as Instagram

All the functionalities implemented throughout this year and a half have made Stories unique and extremely integrated throughout the social network ecosystem. Moreover, it is expected that it will soon integrate several features that have recently debuted on Instagram. Among these features, you will find the addition of songs to the sticker publications.

With the great growth of the Stories during the last months, it would be more than natural to expect that the company of Mark Zuckerberg decided to monetize this great success.

Finally, as announced recently, global advertising videos will be added. In this way, the company hopes not only to monetize Facebook Stories, but also to attract many more content creators to further evolve the service.


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