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Facebook releases list of startups selected for Hack Station

Facebook releases list of startups selected for Hack Station

Facebook released the list of the ten new startups social impact that will be part of the third group of the Hack Station acceleration program. This year, the accelerator will still have a roaming program called Hack Station On the Road, which should benefit entrepreneurs outside of São Paulo.

For six months, participants in the third class will have their business models reviewed and improved, with Facebook’s own mentorship and specialized business-related topics for each startup. In addition, the Hack Station gives access to the Artemisia methodology, a pioneer organization in the promotion of businesses with social impact in Brazil.

“These are businesses that use data at scale, offer products and services that solve major societal challenges with the potential to impact thousands or even millions of people,” the company said in a statement to the press. More than 1,200 proposals participated in the selection stages, and selected companies that work in the sectors of Health, Accessibility, Social and Digital Inclusion, Employability, among others.

Check the list of selected:

Pulsares – Health startup that developed an electronic medical prescription software, which generates a recipe model made to optimize the work of medical professionals and facilitate the patient’s understanding of treatment and diseases.

ISGame – Teaches young and old to develop 2D games for PCs and smartphones. The programming and use of games are still a form of preventive treatment for cognitive illnesses for the elderly.

EntregAli – Startup with the proposal to solve the problem of receiving orders for those who live in difficult to reach places or face conflicts of delivery times. The customer registers his mailbox at a point of collection at commercial points or condominiums, and starts receiving his orders for a self-service.

Carambola – Empowers IT professionals and connects them with companies that need their services. With its own teaching methodology, it works so that the team of consultants reaches the technical level desired by its clients.

Go Diaspora – Brazil’s first exchange agency working mainly with countries where black culture is strongly present. It also offers the experience at an affordable cost.

Molécoola – With container shops, it encourages the population to exchange their recyclables for loyalty points. It seeks to optimize the reverse logistics of post-consumer recyclables, receiving them and allocating them properly and with traceability, in accordance with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS).

Free – Brings the solution Kit Livre, an equipment that supports users of any weight and transforms a wheelchair into an electric motorized tricycle, allowing an average autonomy of 25 km of displacement to wheelchair users. It also supports the user in diverse needs such as walking on damaged sidewalks, down and up guides and walking on grass and sandy terrain.

Jobecam – Interactive platform of process automation that connects companies to professionals interested in working on them through video-recruitment and blind interviews. The system uses artificial intelligence to filter and rank the profiles suitable for open working positions.

Celebrate – Virtual event producer with the objective of reducing the complexity and time spent on price quotations and increasing market efficiency.

MGov – First company of nudgebots in Brazil. They have a technology that often sends positive reinforcements to users, suggesting behaviours and encouraging choices, with the goal of improving financial education and preventing delinquency.


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