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Facebook prefers to recruit from Google over Twitter employees

Facebook prefers to recruit from Google over Twitter employees

Diffbot, based in Mountain View, California, published a report using a knowledge graph. The knowledge graph is an AI database structured with all publicly available information on the Internet, which contains more than one billion data and 10 billion objects.

For this exercise, They analyzed all the publicly available information on the Internet about some 22,000 Facebook employees.

The knowledge graph continuously collects data from the Internet, changing the data set to maintain accuracy.

Any company can view the entire network as a database of business intelligence search skills, employment history, education, profiles of social networking and labour companies around the world, from Fortune 500 to SMB.

You can display data, addresses, activities, zoning information and scan each news article, date or subscription from anywhere in the network in any language.

You can also check prices, specifications and reviews for each SKU in the main e-commerce engines and individual retail networks, as well as browse chat rooms, social networks and debates everywhere, from comments on articles to web forums such as Reddit.

When collecting this data there is no bias of the person, therefore, the only thing that is inherent in the data is associated with the presence or absence of information on the Internet.

The data set showed that Facebook uses a significant amount of talent from Google and Microsoft. However, it is unlikely to take advantage of the talent of other social platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

The distribution by age and sex on Facebook reflects very closely other technology companies. The majority of workers are men between 30 and 40 years old. Currently, women represent only one third (33 percent) of the total workforce.


The vast majority of Facebook employees live in the US UU., And India and the United Kingdom are in second place.

Naturally, California dominates the US workforce. UU On Facebook, with more than double the number of employees (more than 8,000) compared to the other 49 combined states.

If you want to work on Facebook, it’s better that you go to Stanford, where the most talented people are from Facebook. On the other hand, Harvard (in particular, Alma Mater by Mark Zuckerberg) appears to be inferior, and ranks tenth on the list.

Like any good technology company, the majority of Facebook’s workforce is involved in the design and development. However, only 21 percent of software engineers and developers are women. Marketing and public relations: the only department with a female majority.

It is better to know how to understand machine learning: the skill set is the most mentioned topic on Facebook, far superior to Data Mining and Hadoop.

These details are increasingly powerful, and due to the abundance of publicly available information on the Internet, companies will be able to closely monitor their competitors and their hiring plans.

Saving your talent is key because another employer will definitely fire your employees if you have the skills you want.


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