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Facebook Messenger will change again. Get to know the news

Whether you like it or not, Facebook Messenger is one of the most used communication platforms worldwide. Celebrating more than a billion active users, Messenger now receives one of the most important updates of recent times.

Through its official website, Mark Zuckerberg’s company today announced a redesign of Facebook Messenger. In addition to a new logo, the company has prepared some news that will influence your conversations.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a new logo and new features

The main novelty of this update is the change in the Facebook Messenger logo. We don’t have any revolution, but the new logo has a gradient color scheme.

Instead of the traditional blue, we now have a mix of blue, purple and pink that give the platform a renewed look. Facebook conversations. Incidentally, this new logo has several similarities with the Instagram counterpart.

Still with regard to design, the standard color of Facebook Messenger chat rooms also changes to match your new image . You can even set background images for your chats .

Facebook Messenger

It also reveals the addition of personalized reactions that will give your conversations a new life. Don’t forget to add selfie stickers and also a temporary mode. We don’t have many details about it yet, and its availability is scheduled for soon.

Integration of Facebook Messenger with Instagram has started

Facebook has already revealed its intention to combine the two platforms into one. After the necessary development period, the beginning of this integration was also announced today.

The first market to receive the novelty will be the United States of America, with other markets to be postponed. This integration will be automatic, so you will not have to do anything to take advantage of it.

With these changes, the company responsible for Facebook Messenger wants to revitalize the platform. The idea is to create a place where your conversations can be more dynamic, fun and that facilitate communication with those closest to you.

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