Facebook Messenger: The deleting message feature is here

Facebook Messenger is on par with WhatsApp one of the most popular communication services in the world. Unfortunately, I am one of the people who use this application daily.

It is through Facebook Messenger that I communicate with most of my family and friends because there is no other solution. After all, who does not have a social network account? That’s why Facebook does what it wants with the application. From games to advertising. Facebook Messenger has become a multifunction tool, where the basic task – sending messages – is still not the best.

Have you ever happened to send a message through Facebook Messenger and then want to remove it? Currently, this functionality is not available in this messaging service but, according to information, will soon reach the application for iOS and later Android.

With the update of the upcoming Facebook Messenger app, the user can simply remove a message that was sent accidentally or in error, or simply with wrong information.

Facebook Messenger Deleting feature

You will have 10 minutes to delete a message sent in Facebook Messenger 

After integrating the possibility of deleting messages in WhatsApp, behold, Facebook will do the same with Messenger. Even though you can delete the messages you sent at this time, they do not disappear from the recipient. In other words, it is very useful to delete messages in the application.


Is it confirmed that this functionality will arrive?

The answer is yes, even because in the notes regarding the new version of Messenger for iOS, such functionality is already referenced and said to be coming soon.

Briefly: Removes a message from a conversation after it has been sent. If you send the wrong photo, incorrect information or a message to the wrong conversation, the problem is resolved in a flash because you can now delete a message within 10 minutes after you send it.

This is undoubtedly an interesting function, even because sometimes users need to correct the sent message or simply remove it.

There is no information yet when this feature will be available for Android or iOS.


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