Home NEWS Facebook Messenger reaches same number of users as WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger reaches same number of users as WhatsApp

Facebook Messenger reaches the same number of users as WhatsApp

Messenger’s Facebook instant messaging application, which was launched in August 2011 managed to reach the same number of active users per month, as the world’s best-known app, WhatsApp.

In mid-2016 Facebook Messenger reported that it surpassed the figure of one billion active users per month and one year later, through its social networks, it managed to match the number of people using WhatsApp, the app most known to world level.

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According to David Marcus, direct manager of Messenger in the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, detailed that although WhatsApp is also part of the family of Facebook applications since it was bought in late 2014, one of the most recognized app in the world can be considered a success, Frontera said.

In the past months, WhatsApp has included new features in its service such as the ability to place messages on the main page of its users, a function it named states, as well as a business service, focused on helping businesses to get in touch with possible buyers.

Facebook Messenger to include tools such as gifs, emoticons and geolocation in their search for getting more people to use their software.


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