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Facebook Messenger may implement WhatsApp feature

Facebook Messenger WhatsApp feature

Cancel sending a message through Facebook Messenger. Something that we can already find in group chats in the messaging and telephony application, WhatsApp. It will undoubtedly add value to the fortuitous exchange of hot-headed messages.

In the first place, you have probably regretted saying something or sending something, even from the recipient. Well, according to the international press, soon Facebook Messenger will implement this feature already present in WhatsApp.

Secondly and supporting these claims, we already have some screenshots that show us this option in action. That is, the possibility of deleting a sent message before it is seen.

In other words, it will be a mechanism very similar to what we can find now in WhatsApp. If the recipient has not yet received the message (you did not see the message), you may soon have the option to completely delete it (notification and all).

Facebook Messenger will let you cancel sending messages

Thirdly, the operation of this option to cancel the sending of the message or delete the message itself will be very succinct. To do this, simply carry the message itself to the Delete or Unsend message for a while . Something that may save you from some less happy discussions or at least avoid worries. See the image below with this new option (inherited from WhatsApp) in operation. Therefore, we are hopeful of its general distribution.

Facebook Messenger WhatsApp feature

For the sake of clarity, allow me to put a hypothetical and merely illustrative situation. In case you send a message to someone and they have your device turned off or not connected to the internet, they did not receive the message.

Just like in WhatsApp, so it will be on Facebook Messenger?

However the message is pending and as such, as soon as the recipient is online the message will arrive. This is exactly where Facebook Messenger can introduce this tool already present in WhatsApp . Cancellation of messages sent and not received.

In short, the recipient will not receive any new message notification and as such will be as if you have never sent it. Still, for now this function is still being tested and has not yet reached the public.

Already in a last note, considering that both WhatsApp and Facebook and consequently their Messenger belong to the same company, it is extremely likely that this feature will be present in both networks/services.

That is, until this feature arrives or not to Facebook Messenger it is better to think about what you write before sending. That’s the tip.


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