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Facebook Messenger Kids is official

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After the application Messenger and Messenger Lite is the time to know the Facebook Messenger Kids application. More than a simple App or instant messaging service, it aims to assert itself as a space of comfort, fun and above all safety for children.

After copying virtually everything Snapchat had done, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network now turns his attention or, rather, bets now on the safety of the younger ones. How can App Messenger make it easier and better adapted to the needs and concerns of children?

Facebook Messenger Kids arrived!

To try to answer this question, Facebook Messenger Kids has just been announced. As the name suggests, this App is aimed at younger audiences.

Ages 6 to 12, this age group will adhere to selected and innocuous GIFs, camera effects, stickers and even picture frames. A new space of fun within this new application. Parents will be able to control all the crucial aspects of this App, something they will certainly be grateful for.

One of the peculiarities of Facebook Messenger Kids is the fact that it does not require a Facebook profile to work properly. In fact, for children under 13, the use of social networks is strongly discouraged and even prohibited. This is the minimum age required for a profile record. I wish everyone was sincere in filling this out!

No advertising on Facebook Messenger Kids

Here on Facebook Messenger Kids, parents will have full control over the profiles created by their children for this instant messaging application, photo, video, and other multi-media content. Here, the recreation space is for the children but the park keys will always be in the hands of the parents.

Something that also deserves prominence is the fact that Facebook Messenger Kids do not have any type of ads. No ads or advertisement in this new App for children. Incidentally, the social network goes further and says that their new software will not collect any kind of information about children.

Facebook Messenger Kids 2 Layout

Nothing that can motivate them to make purchases within the App. No products to directly impinge on children. I wish it could be said the same as YouTube. Maybe one day.

At least for now, we feel that the purpose of this Facebook Messenger Kids is just to provide a space for fun and a means of communication. However, Facebook continues to swallow new areas, new age groups and more and more aspects of our life are linked to this social network.

The application will only be available in the United States of America, at least as a first step. Will reach both Android and iOS devices


  1. I wish they get it done faster and make it available for every country..
    I hope it should help to calm the sizable current corruption… And I wish they introduced that to YouTube and the rest others….
    Meanwhile thanks for the info…


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