Facebook Messenger How to delete sent messages in 3 steps

Facebook Messenger has just given us the functionality to delete sent messages. One of the most requested by the users of the application. Sometimes we send messages without thinking. Or the error is so great that it makes us ashamed.

That’s why this new feature comes in handy. With these simple steps, you can easily delete the sent messages. However, there is a small snag. Users on the other side (whether individual chat or group) will be able to see that you deleted something.

Even so, you can delete the message even after being seen by other people. The message will automatically exit chat without problems.

3 Simple steps to delete messages sent in Facebook Messenger

So if you want to learn how to do it, it’s not a seven-headed creature. Follow the simple steps and you will see that you can easily erase the message you just sent. This feature is the same on Android or iOS for the iPhone.

  • First press (and hold) the message you want to delete.
  • At the bottom, you will be able to “Remove” with a trash can icon.
  • Then click on “remove for all”
  • It’s done!



As I mentioned earlier, instead of the message, you will only have the indication that you removed and deleted the message. People will not be able to read the sent message since they are connected to the network.

However, if the message has been received and the user has disconnected from the internet, the delete command will only reach the other user’s mobile phone once it connects to the internet.

In short, it is not the perfect solution but it is one of the best solutions you have so you do not say something that you later regret.


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