Facebook Lite finally available for iOS

Facebook is the most used social network in the world and therefore one of the applications that can not be lacking in a smartphone. But for those who have a more restrained device, we have Facebook Lite, which now also comes to iOS.

It is undeniable that Facebook is one of the heaviest applications we can find on any smartphone. Increasingly, this app has new features and, as such, requires more and more device features.

So far so good if you have top-of-the-range equipment or even a mid-range. The problem arises when we have in our possession an input range. These are a quite popular device in emerging markets because of their financial limitations.

It was with the purpose of satisfying this type of users that Facebook Lite was born. This application is no longer new, being available for Android since 2015 in emerging markets.

Facebook Lite already available for iOS

Only recently has the same application become available to other global markets, not necessarily emerging ones. Now it’s time to open up even more horizons and bring Facebook Lite to iOS as well.

Three years after its birth finally, iOS users can also enjoy this application. However, it should be noted that this application is available, at least for the time being, only available in Turkey.

So, this leads us to believe that its distribution is similar to that adopted in Android. This means that the first ones should be the emerging markets and only then the most prosperous markets.

Regarding the application itself, Facebook Lite weighs only 5MB on iOS. In addition, this requires much less features of the smartphone, either in terms of energy or data consumption.

We now have to wait for Facebook Lite to be available on other global markets. This will certainly be a welcome addition for anyone who owns an older iOS device.


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