Home NEWS Facebook launches new policy for pages with inappropriate content

Facebook launches new policy for pages with inappropriate content

Facebook launches new policy for pages with inappropriate content

The Facebook begins to apply on Thursday (24) a new set of rules to your pages in order to combat fake news and other problematic posts. The idea is to make the moderation process of inappropriate content more transparent, with the person in charge of the space having access to a new area that indicates the possible measures that have been taken by the social network.

The standards fit in with those already in place on the platform, which work, for example, on the issue of false news and inappropriate content. In the “page quality” section, you have access to a complete report that includes posts removed for violating community standards or those identified as fake news by verification bodies and have been reduced in scope.

According to Facebook, in this initial stage the siege will be greater on hate content or that promotes violence, harassment and bullying. The social network is also eyeing the posting of images and videos that contain nudity or sexual activities, in addition to those promoting controlled or restricted products. Basically, terms that are already in the policies of use of the platform. Over time, it promises to include more and more terms as well as information in the quality section so that users can understand what they can and can not do on the social network.

Examples of what should be added in the future include publications that break third-party intellectual property, spam, and hunting-click publications. Through the quality area, users will also have access to a resource tool, through which they can indicate to the social network possible misunderstandings in the application of the measures, with the posts being submitted to a new evaluation.

Facebook is also stepping up policies against duplicate page creation. In order to prevent recidivism or methods that circumvent automatic verification, the social network may begin deleting groups, spaces and other means of discussion of users who have broken the rules and ended with deleted pages, even though the other spaces also removed from the air or have not committed such failures in sufficient numbers to justify a removal. Criteria such as similar names, administrators, and shared posts will be used to define such additional moderation postures.

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The company remembers that the creation of new pages similar to those that have already been deleted is prohibited according to its usage policy. However, she knows that a lot of people would create large networks of this type just to be backed up if the first was removed. Drastic thematic changes, as a way to take metrics and audience for another initiative other than the original, are also prohibited and was a common method for the “resurrection” of deleted pages.


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