Home NEWS Facebook ends partnership with Huawei in face of current controversy

Facebook ends partnership with Huawei in face of current controversy

Facebook ends partnership with Huawei in face of current controversy

Facebook. Privacy. Cambridge Analytical. Huawei. Three entities and an absolute value that has been the subject of successive violations, light treatment and constant pitches by technological giants.

The theme that will be remembered as one of the biggest scandals in early 2018 and that put all Facebook in check. Meanwhile, Huawei’s technology has also thwarted all attempts to enter the world’s 3rd largest smartphone market.

CNBC advances that Facebook will cease its partnership with Chinese technology, Huawei, later this week. All this is still due to the aftermath of the scandal surrounding information and user data.

The reason that has led to the breakdown of relations between Facebook and Huawei will be the access to user information by the Android manufacturer. In practice, Huawei has access to information from users of the social network through its smartphones.

Facebook breaks partnership with Huawei technology

It should be noted that already since the beginning of the year that the Chinese technology was identified by the information and security agencies of the United States of America as a risk. From the FBI to the NSA, all agencies consider this Android manufacturer a potential supplier of personal information to the Chinese government. Huawei has opted to operate a strategic withdrawal from the world’s 3rd largest smartphone and mobile device market.

Facebook breaks partnership with Huawei technology

Faced with the current scenario of distrust towards the Chinese manufacturer, the company of Mark Zuckerberg decided to cut off relations. The tense atmosphere between Washington and Chinese manufacturers has worsened in recent months, with Facebook’s decision expected.

Moreover, Facebook cites several Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei, LenovoOppo and TCL . These are some of the Android manufacturers with access to the information of Facebook users on their mobile devices.

User privacy …

In turn, Facebook also faces a crisis of confidence on all fronts. Affirming that these manufacturers had “controlled” access to certain information approved by the social network. Still, they now decide to cut off all potential risk.

Already the Android maker said this week that it never collected or stored data from Facebook users through its equipment.

Commenting on the matter, Chinese manufacturer spokesman Joe Kelly says the agreement between the two companies aims to make social networking services more convenient for users.

This agreement is coming to an end this week.


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