Home NEWS Facebook does tests to bring users closer to “things in common”

Facebook does tests to bring users closer to “things in common”

Facebook does tests to bring users closer to things in common

Facebook recently revealed that it is testing a new feature – “Things in common”. This new feature aims to bring users who are not “friends” but who have things in common.

After starting new tests on Instagram with the same goal, Facebook now also wants to create new ways to increase interactions among its users. This new functionality should be presented in a non-intrusive way, which is always good news.

According to what was revealed by the social network, this new tool will appear above the comments of the users. For example, by providing information that a particular user attended the same university as you, works in the same location or is from the same city.

It all depends on how it will be presented to users. But, this new feature “things in common” seems to be quite useful. Sometimes we end up walking alongside potential leads simply because we do not pay enough attention.

“Things in common” may prove to be a clever way to relate users to Facebook

Thus, this new tool could make you see things that would otherwise go unnoticed. In addition, the discovery of things in common among users will increase not only their interactions but also reduce potential abuse.

This new testing comes as part of the movement created by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to combat harassment on their platforms. What’s more, this new feature may also help Facebook more easily detect fake accounts.

For now, this new feature is only in the testing phase, is presented only for a small audience in the United States. It will most likely later be released globally for all users.


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