Home NEWS Facebook denies DDoS attack, but platforms remained unstable on Wednesday

Facebook denies DDoS attack, but platforms remained unstable on Wednesday

Facebook denies DDoS attack, but platforms remained unstable on Wednesday

Users around the world began reporting problems with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. In the main social network and in the photo and video app, new posts and comments failed to deliver, while the messenger prevented uploading new images and files. More than eight hours since the crash began and the problem persists for many users in many regions of the world, including Nigeria- but Facebook denies that the cause was a DDoS attack.

Using Twitter (ironically) to communicate with its user base, the social network simply stated that it was aware of the problem affecting several regions of the globe, ensuring that its team was focused on resolving the issue “as quickly as possible” but made a point of confirming that the problem was not related to any hacker attack.

However, the problem with Facebook platforms happened just hours after Google’s ecosystem services had been down for more than an hour. Of course, this may just be an unfortunate coincidence, but one can not rule out the possibility that one or a group of invaders have exploited troubling gaps in essential services from two of the world’s largest Internet giants in less than 24 hours.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook and Instagram are no longer mere social networks where ordinary people can connect with friends and post pictures of kittens, because the services have grown enough to become commercial platforms, involving not only a lot of money invested by advertisers, with problem networks, are losing money), but they are also places where brands make direct sales to their consumers. Still, WhatsApp is used as a customer service, and many companies are being hampered by so many hours of instabilities that prevent them from sending messages and publishing information.

According to a Bloomberg reporter, a spokesman for Mark Zuckerberg’s company said that Facebook is considering reimbursing its advertisers when the failure is finally resolved.


We searched for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp spokespersons during the day, and only Instagram returned the contact, saying they were working to resolve the issue with no more information, such as what caused the failure or a deadline for the solution. Facebook and WhatsApp did not respond until the release of this news, which will be updated as soon as we have official information about the problem, which has not yet time to end – or as soon as the services are standardized.


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