Home Application Facebook Bonfire the new APP for video calling

Facebook Bonfire the new APP for video calling [Download here]

Facebook Bonfire the new APP for video calling [Download here]

The giant social network Owner Mark Zuckerberg is out with a new application that would allow group video calls with your friends from Facebook. However, this App has been available for the iOS platform and now also to Android.

At this point, the application (App) is available at the official store of Android, the Google Play Store but is limited to certain countries. However, thanks to this blog TheAndroidSoul who made the Facebook Bonfire app available for all to download.

This is an APK file that can be downloaded safely and easily installed on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Facebook Bonfire the new APP for video calling [Download here]

At this point, if you search for the Facebook Bonfire on Google Play Store you may not find it because of geo-restrictions. However, with a VPN enable on your device you can see the app on play store but still find an installation error when downloading. The easy, safe and effective way to effectively download and install the APK is by downloading from the link we have provided in this post.

When you start the video call any of the people involved may invite one of your friends, up to a maximum of 8 people at once.The Facebook Bonfire application itself will let you do video calling with your Facebook friends, up to 8 people at once.

I know that the last thing we need is another heavy application like Facebook Messenger for our smartphones but is curious and captivating to experience this new App, Facebook Bonfire.

Hopefully, soon Mark (facebook) will allow its global distribution and it is a viable alternative to Google Hangouts, for example.

Download Facebook Bonfire for group video calling


  1. Wow…! This Mark, he is really trying for keeping updating the both two social media @facebook @whatsapp.
    Meanwhile, thanks for this helpful update.


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