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Facebook and Twitter eliminate hundreds of fake accounts

Facebook and Twitter eliminate hundreds of fake accounts

Social networks can be used positively and negatively. One of the most common occurrences is fake accounts, used for various purposes. Twitter and Facebook announced last Thursday the elimination of hundreds of accounts linked to disinformation campaigns.

In addition, these accounts are apparently linked to countries such as Russia, Iran and Venezuela, according to Gizmodo.

Hundreds of fake accounts deleted in order to maintain security online

Nathaniel Gleicher is the head of the Department of Online Security on Facebook. It says false accounts have been detected through several factors.

First of all, Gleicher says that the owners of the accounts put up generic photos of local people, sharing news about current events. Most of the news was altered reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, citing the role of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

In the second place, about 82 groups of Iranian misinformation were also eliminated. However, there were still anonymous people posing as citizens of the United Kingdom and the United States, sharing politically biased content.

Twitter also went to do a cleaning

The social network gets a lot of political content through its tweets. It also had to take action against fraudulent accounts eliminating around 2600. More than 400 accounts linked to Russia were erased and about 1200 related to Venezuela.

In that sense, the head of Site Integrity, Yoel Roth, commented on the matter on Thursday. He says that this can be a tactic of political influence for the average user.

In conclusion, these are all efforts to keep social networks free of “propaganda” policy. With so many interests of many governments, this type of cleaning is necessary, although sometimes genuine profiles can be affected.


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