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Exploit in Apex Legends will let you use and abuse Pathfinder

As the new Battle Royale game, Apex Legends, continues to gain more popularity, the ‘little’ bugs begin to be discovered at an even higher rate.

In a recent discovery, a player shared an extremely powerful exploit that will let you use and abuse Pathfinder. Their two abilities – zipline and grappling hook – have already become the most popular among players, but this new bug makes them even more powerful.

If you use this exploit, you will be able to access virtually any area of the map using only the tactical ability that triggers the hook and pulls the Pathfinder close to the target. As? Climbing up vertical walls in the style of Spiderman.

You have to test this bug on Apex Legends before it is fixed!

In essence, you just need to get close to a vertical surface and point the grappling hookup. As soon as you start spamming the skill, you’ll see that the hook ‘grabs the air’ and continues to pull you up until you reach a surface.

One of the great advantages of Pathfinder is its ease in accessing strategic points that allow you to achieve a panoramic view of your surroundings. Thus becoming an important tool in teamwork.

Found out Pathfinder can do this from r/apexlegends

However, while this exploit is active, it appears as the most powerful character. Since you’ll be able to position yourself on points on the map that most players will not even ‘search’ for opponents.

Finally, Respawn will most likely not let this bug go unnoticed for much longer. Once you have released the latest patch before the weekend. The most likely is that during the next few days will launch a new update where this exploit will be fixed.

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