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Excessive love for games is recognized as a disease

It seems that soon dependence on video games will be officially recognized as a mental disorder and listed in the International Classification of Diseases. Now, this issue is already being considered by the World Health Organization, which is developing an updated version of this list itself. He, according to the well-known scientific journal New Scientist, has not been revised for nearly three decades: the last time the changes were made in 1990.

Game addiction

“Healthcare professionals need to recognize that gambling can have serious health consequences,” said the representative of the World Health Organization, Vladimir Poznyak.

According to preliminary data, the diagnosis of “mental disorder” will be put to people, the need for arriving in games which will prevail over vital needs like sleep and eating. Therefore, to those who because of games constantly forget to eat or sit at the computer from evening till morning, promising to finish themselves “in five minutes”, will be treated as sick. What are the methods of treating a truly terrible disease – is still unknown.

Representatives of the World Health Organization still noted that most gamers are not fit for the category of mentally ill, although they have some symptoms. However, the cases when the passion for video games had deplorable consequences – you can recall a few precedents, when the enthusiastic people perished from exhaustion – still took place. It is these players who do not know how to control themselves and will be saved by all means. The intention is certainly more than good. But the question of what will turn into practice remains open.

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  1. True talk.
    Some people are too addicted to Gaming like hard drugs.
    Thanks for info.

  2. Too much everything is bad.
    Thanks for sharing this piece.

  3. harun Khalid Adeiza

    Yes indeed my brother…
    It’s really Disease..
    Thanks for the info

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