Home NEWS Even the animation animation of Android Q Beta has Dark Mode!

Even the animation animation of Android Q Beta has Dark Mode!


The next version of Android Q Beta has slowly appeared on the internet. One of the most interesting novelties is its boot animation that fits the popular Dark Mode. The following video shows you the new animation.

Instead of appearing a bright white screen, Android Q will have only the Google logo and animation, with the screen in black. This is yet another interesting addition to the upcoming version of Android.

Thanks to its AMOLED screen, the Pixel can turn off the screen completely, displaying only the pixels of the animation. It is a very useful detail especially for those who use the mobile phone at night.

More Android Q Beta 5 news

In addition to the animation in Dark Mode, this Beta version is expected to bring new gestures and animations to Google Assistant. Some new customization options will also be available as themes that change the clock, icons, and typeface in the interface.

One of the annoying additions to users is blocking gesture navigation on third-party launchers. If you have Android Q Beta 5 and install a New Launcher, for example, the gestures will be completely deactivated.


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