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Europe should follow suit, China bans 8,000 games and apps!

The state of the internet in China is nothing new to anyone. The one that is the biggest market in the world with regard to smartphones also has the most restricted access to the internet.

Censorship of social networks and so many other services continues to frustrate users. However, the great control also brings its good points. Recently, the  Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) banned nearly 8,000 games and applications from their country.

Among the many reasons that may have led to its elimination, you can find information theft, undue charges and also abuse of permissions on smartphones. Most likely Europe could ‘look’ at these measures!

Is this the solution to end the ‘plague’ of malicious applications?

It is rare this week that we do not see any new news about hacker attacks coming through applications that reach malware-laden users. There have been so many cases (especially in the Google Play Store), which has already been proven that Google can not solve this situation.

Although censorship may turn out to be too drastic a measure. There’s no question that a ‘clean-up’ from the Google Play Store would be more than welcome! Although the drastic measures taken by the Chinese government are seen with a bad eye on many people, the truth is that its users are now safer.

Is this the solution to end the 'plague' of malicious applications


These almost 8,000 applications and games presented the same type of risk we face every day. Many of them tried to trick users into subscribing to paid services. They steal private information, perform spam or unwanted downloads (with malware).

It seems that China is determined to continue the wave of internet censorship in her country. In order to control as much as possible the type of content that is presented to its users. Although it seems to be too drastic a measure, perhaps Europe should develop an idea inspired by this strategy.

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