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eSports now part of US school curriculum

eSports now part of US school curriculum

Electronic sport begins to hit US schools. High school students, equivalent to Brazilian high school, can now participate in electronic games competitions within the grade of the school itself. In eight states, institutions are now allowed to place eSports as an option for their students in school practices.

One of the main games used for competitions is Smite who, like others of the genre, uses fictional characters in a MOBA between gods and heroes. The shooting games are out of this equation.

Moving is important to the scenario as this creates a professional career plan for students who stand out in the middle. Some universities such as New York University and the University of California already have scholarships for those who excel in video game games like pro players, so called professional players. Such a system today is implemented in traditional sports such as American football or basketball, among the most famous in the country.

Knowing that there is an incentive of schools to support the education of the professional, companies start to look for these athletes institutions to sponsor. One of them is State Farm, a financial giant that puts money into stars like LeBron James of basketball and Tom Brady of American football. Now the company is investing in electronic athletes, among them Benjamin Lupo, professional player and streamer with more than 7 million followers

One of the reasons for this eSports move within State Farm was the Fortnite boom. The game has become a phenomenon of games in recent times, with about 125 million players monthly. It’s still the live record-setting game on both YouTube and Twitch, breaking records behind gameplay records.

According to a Newzoo survey, the e-sport market is currently estimated at $ 1 billion this year, with a hearing that can reach 454 million viewers.


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