Epic Games will launch an alternative to the Google Play Store for games

Epic Games is the company that is responsible for the development of Fortnite and other titles. More recently, the company has waged a war with Google for failing to make its famous game available through the Google Play Store.

The reason for this decision was simple: money. As you probably know, Google charges 30% for every purchase made in your app store. Thus, by making Fortnite available through other means, Epic Games guarantees that all of the profits generated by the game are yours.

As if this measure were not enough, the game producer will now fight directly with the Google Play Store. Epic Games will also launch its online gaming platform.

Epic Games Store will fight with the Google Play Store

First, this game retailer will be available for PC and Mac. However, in 2019, Epic Games promises to bring its new store to Android and other platforms.

Fortnite will receive creation mode in its seventh season

This new store will have precisely the same goal as the Google Play Store, only for games only. In addition, the person responsible for Fortnite reveals that this store will be available to any interested developer.

Epic Games Store will fight with the Google Play Store

What will distinguish the Epic Games Store from the Google store will be what the company will charge. Epic Games will charge only 12% on any sale made to your store. A far more interesting value than the 30% charged by the Google Play Store.

In addition, Epic promises to all developers its own page dedicated to the game as well as a news feed. As if that were not enough, it still promises a total exemption of ads for competing games.

At the moment we do not know when this new game store will be available to the public.


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