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Epic Games brings back news for Fortnite

Epic Games brings back news for Fortnite

Epic Games does not stop surprising fans of Fortnite. After launching ‘Season 7’ ​​which was probably the season that most news brought, the company has just announced that the popular Battle Royale will also receive the addition of swords.

The revelation was made through his official account on Twitter, but did not reveal any details about this new implementation. Therefore, it remains to know what the mechanics will be implemented, and when will be their arrival.

The introduction of swords is quite possibly the most amazing addition to Fortnite. Especially if we consider that much of the game is based on the mechanics of shooting.

Epic Games will soon bring swords to the Fortnite

If you’ve played the popular Battle Royale, you quickly realize that you will not have almost any kind of physical confrontation, but the arrival of the swords may change that.

Moreover, in the short video posted, the sword presented bears a strong resemblance to the popular Infinity Blade sword  , also developed by Epic Games. It is in doubt whether a ‘sword’ or a vast collection of swords will be introduced.

If we see a true arsenal of swords arrive, it is possible that the company has devised a new mode of play based on melee clashes and where they will not ‘fly’ bullets. Still, all this is pure speculation.

One thing is certain, this implementation will arrive in one of the most chaotic phases of Fornite’s history. Recall that recently was started the ‘Season 7’, where were introduced aircraft, new weapons and also various news on the island.

In addition, Epic Games has launched a new creative mode that will allow players to customize their own private island. What’s more, a kind of “art gallery” was created on the main island, where the best creations will be exhibited.

Finally, Epic Games has also recently launched its own gaming store for PC, Mac,and Android. With the goal of facing the competition of Steam and other similar platforms with its popular Battle Royale and other titles.


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