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The most epic battles of God of War


On this Friday (13), after so much waiting, the new God of War will finally arrive on PlayStation 4, now taking the hero Kratos to the realms and worlds of Norse mythology – In fact, you can already check our analysis of the game.

But before setting out for the Nine Kingdoms, the Sparta Ghost spent the last few games shredding the pantheon of Greek mythology, from gods to titans to every kind of creature revered or feared in antiquity.

So we’ve separated some of the most incredible fights ever created for the series – at least for now.

Hydra (God of War)

Hydra (God of War)

The first God of War showed what came in this great initial battle of the game, in which Kratos traverses a series of shipwrecks and destroyed to face the Hydra, attacking and changing the structure of the battle area until finally impala the creature in the mast of a boat.

Ares (God of War)

God of War Ares

Great antagonist of the original game, Ares has a battle worthy of a War God, full of different phases and moments – including a battle between Kratos and his clones to protect his family -, culminating in a duel of swords between the two of giants) on the banks of Athens.

Colossus of Rhodes (God of War II)

Colossus of Rhodes (God of War II)

God of War II is filled with iconic chiefs, but perhaps none of them outgrows its initial sequence against the Colossus of Rhodes.

In the real world, the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake that affected the region.

In the world of God of War, the Wonder of the World was totally dismantled by Kratos – now God of War – after taking life and attacking the armies of Sparta, which invaded the city.

… Unfortunately for the hero, he had to draw all his divine energy into it, and was betrayed by Zeus soon after.

Theseus (God of War II)

Theseus (God of War II)

One of the great heroes of Greek mythology and founder of Athens, Theseus confronts Kratos during his journey in the Temple of the Sisters of Destiny, facing the Spartan with a two-pronged spear, ice powers, and even calling minotaurs for his aid

(Which, if you know the story of Theseus, is somewhat ironic)

Kratos, however, gets the better, and Theseus ends up being rewarded with his head crushed by the door he was defending.

King of the Barbarians (God of War II)

Defeated alive by Kratos after the Spartan swear allegiance to Ares, the ghost of King Barbarian attempts a rematch against his enemy, first mounted on a horse, then summoning the help of other spirits, and finally growing in size.

… It does not work, and the Ghost of Sparta still carries his hammer as a prize.

Perseus (God of War II)

Perseus (God of War II)

Another great hero of Greek mythology, Perseus uses various items and special equipment when confronting Kratos, from an invisibility helmet to a shield capable of temporarily blinding the warrior.

Curiously, this version of Perseus is dubbed and its look inspired by the actor Harry Hamlin, who gave life to the Greek hero in the original version of the film Fury of Titans – that was one of the main bases for the creation of the series God of War as a whole.

Kraken (God of War II)

Kraken (God of War II)

To enter the Sisters of Destiny’s temple, Kratos must first face the Kraken (also inspired by Titans Fury), cutting off its tentacles until finally activating the mechanism that activates the bridge – brutally killing it in the process.

Lahkesis and Atropos (God of War II)

Lahkesis and Atropos (God of War II)

The battle with the first two Sisters of Destiny is full of twists and turns – including a return to the climax of the first God of War – culminating with the villains being trapped by Kratos in a mirror.

Clotho (God of War II)

Clotho (God of War II)

Part boss, part puzzles, the last Sister of Destiny is a multi-storey monstrosity, forcing Kratos to use various parts of the arena to follow to the top and finally defeat her.

Zeus (God of War II)

Zeus (God of War II)

God greater of Greek mythology and final head of God of War II, Zeus also has a fight composed of several different moments, beginning of giant form and using its rays and the Sword of Olympus to face his son.

Persephone (God of War: Chains of Olympus)

Persephone (God of War Chains of Olympus)

Main antagonist of the first PSP game, Persephone, next to the titan Atlas, tries (without success) to defeat the Ghost of Sparta in the final battle, releasing from balls of energy until manipulating Kratos to give up to fight.

Poseidon (God of War III)

Poseidon (God of War III)

The God of the Seas brings the first great epic struggle of God of War III as Poseidon confronts Kratos at the top of Gaia with his water horse carriage before returning to his human form and being brutally beaten by the Spartan.

(To make matters worse, the player sees this brutal death in Poseidon’s own eyes)

Hades (God of War III)

Hades (God of War III)

Hades wants revenge for the death of Persephone, and for this uses its various attacks of currents and undead to defeat Kratos, before being killed and to have its soul absorbed by the own arms.

Hercules (God of War III)

Hercules (God of War III)

One of the most famous Greek heroes of all time (even with the Roman name), Hercules uses the different weapons and equipment he gained with his 12 Works – and several minions – to try to defeat Kratos.

In the end, all he gets is a crushed head.

As curiosity, this Hercules is voiced by Kevin Sorbo, who gave life to the hero in the popular series of years 1990.

Cronos (God of War III)

Fated to carry the Temple of Pandora (where much of the first God of War), Cronos is almost a stage by itself, with Kratos having to navigate different parts of his body, and facing several enemies.

In the end, the Titan ends up having his gut cut inside after trying to devour Kratos, and finally dead with the Sword of Olympus in the forehead.

Zeus (God of War III)

The conclusion of the trilogy ends with a revenge against Zeus in the heart of Gaia, culminating with the God of the Olympus being tricked by Kratos to the point of the screen turns completely red of blood.

Scylla (God of War: Ghost of Sparta)

Practically a version of God of War’s Cloverfield monster, Scylla is confronted by Kratos in different stages, from their tentacles – and “chicks” – to the final combat in which the beast is impaled by a drill, courtesy of Kratos.

Thanatos (God of War: Ghost of Sparta)

Great villain of Ghost of Sparta, Thanatos gains prominence for being the rare fight in which Kratos has aid in the final combat, courtesy of its brother, Deimos.

Aegaegon and Megera (God of War: Ascension)

Using the huge body of the Hecatonquiro Aegaegon – so large that it serves as a prison -, the Fury Megera uses a series of giant parasites to try to defeat Kratos, who destroy both the arms and the head of the mythological being.

Alecto and Tisífone (God of War: Ascension)

In the final battle of Ascension, the two Furies face Kratos in different ways, sometimes fighting or manipulating the mind of the Spartan.

In the end, Alecto even becomes a giant monster full of tentacles – not unlike the Kraken or even Scylla – before finally being killed by the warrior.


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