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Enjoy This free Android app packed with more than 3,000 Material Design wallpapers

Some people are perfectly happy to use one of the few stock
wallpapers that came preinstalled on their smartphones. But you’re not
“some people.” You’re a savvy Android
user and you’ve gone to great lengths to personalize your device with
the right apps, widgets and even launchers, in order to ensure that your
device is set up exactly how you want it.
Are you going to mar all of that hard work by using a boring stock
wallpaper on your Android phone? No, of course not… and that’s where
Walloid comes into play.

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Walloid by Android app developer HashCode is a simple free app
available for download in the Google Play store. Inside, you’ll find a
portal to more than 3,000 mobile wallpapers that all conform to Google’s
Material Design guidelines, and they all compliment the look of Android
Lollipop perfectly.
Walloid: HD WallpapersThere are two versions of the app, a free one that is ad-supported and a paid version with the following additional features:

  • Ad-Free Experience.
  • Unlimited access to HD Wallpapers Section.
  • Unlimited access to Favourites Section.
  • Unlimited access to Widget History Section.
  • All new paid features at no extra cost.

The app’s full description can be read below, and then you’ll find two download links.

Walloid is a Material UI based app with wallpapers from different Stock ROMs (OEM), Custom ROMs, and Material wallpapers.
• Material Design User Interface.
• Wallpapers updated daily.
• Favorites Section.
• Downloads Section.
• HD Wallpapers Section
• Tags Section.
• Notification support for newly added wallpapers.
• Offline Mode.
• Full dashboard support with Slideshow, Set and Download options.
• Random Wallpaper Loader Widget.
• Widget History.
• One Tap App Data Clear.
Wallpaper Stats:
• 3000+ Wallpapers
• 21 OEMs
• 7 Custom ROMs
• Material Wallpapers Section
• 90+ Devices

Download Walloid
Download Walloid Pro ($1.93)



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