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How to enable preview notifications on a locked iPhone X

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The iPhone X has a new feature, because of which previews of notifications on the lock screen are not displayed by default. When you unlock the phone using Face ID, the content of the notifications appears automatically. This is a very useful feature that improves the degree of your privacy. But for some, it is not very convenient.

Sometimes Face ID does not work right away. While waiting and trying to change the position, you go to the automatic machine on the screen, and the main screen opens. I have to re-open notifications. It is unclear why such a problem arises. Perhaps Apple is trying to save the battery this way. Or it’s just a bug that will be fixed in future updates.


If you also encounter such a problem or just do not worry that someone will see your messages, follow the steps below.

How to enable preview notifications on iPhone X

Step 1: Open the  Settings.

Step 2: Select  Notifications.

Step 3: Then click  Show Thumbnails.

Step 4: Choose  Always.

Now you will always see a preview notifications on the screen of your iPhone X, even when it’s locked.



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