Home NEWS Elon Musk Shows Prototype of New, Powerful Super Heavy-Starship Rocket

Elon Musk Shows Prototype of New, Powerful Super Heavy-Starship Rocket

Elon Musk Shows Prototype of New, Powerful Super Heavy-Starship Rocket

The Super Heavy-Starship (formerly called the BFR but changed its nomenclature in November ) by Space X is under construction at its peak, according to a photo shared by CEO Elon Musk, published in his official Twitter account . The image gives a reasonable idea of ​​the size of the rocket, since only its “cone” appears to be about three or four stories high, judging by the proportion by which the construction trucks “lean” at its side.

The Super Heavy-Starship has been building with the promise of taking passengers on ultra-fast commercial voyages through space, from Earth around the Moon and covering the distance from our planet to Mars and back. According to Musk, the cone shown in the image below will be made of stainless steel. The executive argues in the comments that follow the image that the material will perform better at high temperatures caused by reentry, unlike the commonly used carbon fiber composite. The CEO of SpaceX also said that the rocket cone will not be painted as there is no paint to withstand the heat generated by such a trip and re-entry.

SpaceX estimates say that the Super Heavy-Starship will be considerably larger and more powerful than the Saturn V, the NASA rocket that carried Apollo astronauts to the moon and which, to this day, is the heaviest, tallest and already put into operation. The Super Heavy-Starship test phase is expected to begin in 2019, with what space exploration jargon calls “hopper flights”, a form of labeling the act of launching a rocket to up, straight, and immediately land it then. With each launch, the rocket goes higher and higher, until other functions can be tested.

The rocket will make use of three of SpaceX’s new Raptor engines, which Musk promises to be the most powerful ever developed in the industry in order to expand its propulsion capabilities. The Super Heavy-Starship is being built on the company’s test base in Texas.

Source: Elon Musk (via Twitter)


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