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Elon Musk is sued by Tesla investors for “uncontrolled tweets”

Elon Musk is once again in legal trouble: although this is not the biggest of his problems with US trade law, a group of Tesla investors filed suit against the company’s CEO on the grounds that his business was ” “By the tweets of the executive. Specifically, the suit quotes a Musk tweet stating that the automaker wants to “make about 500,000 cars” by 2019.

There is no information on any request for financial compensation or, in the worst case scenario, the removal of Musk from Tesla’s command. However, the group in question claims that tweets without a prior veto issued by the CEO hurt the business of the company and, consequently, its investors. They look for guarantees that this will not happen again.

It is not the first time Twitter has put Musk under fire with the US courts: by the end of 2018 and in this first quarter of 2019, Elon Musk has seen the SEC request explanations from the courts over assertions made in the official profile of the CEO. In September last year, he was sued by the agency after indicating a possible closing of the company’s capital. That lawsuit resulted in an agreement that saw him removed from the leadership of Tesla’s board of directors, although he still remained CEO. At the end of February, the same SEC asked a judge to treat Musk as a hostile witness and provide clarification on the new tweet (of the “500,000 cars”).

Tesla declined to comment on any of the above.

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