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Elon Musk erases his profile from Facebook, Tesla and Space X


Elon Musk has decided to delete his profile, the Tesla page and Space X on Facebook. Facebook is in serious trouble after the news from Cambridge Analytica. If you have not heard the subject yet, what are you doing and inform yourself here a little about the situation?

In a simple way, Facebook handed over information from more than 50 million US users to an application that turned out to be the backbone of a company called Cambridge Analytica.

This company was responsible for the campaign of Donald Trump, even had a political “war” in Nigeria and many believe it even had a direct influence on the votes of Brexit. Not to mention that there is allegedly direct contact with the Russian government.

The dung is so much that neither can quantify! Basically, Cambridge Analytica requested the installation of a Facebook application to some users, theoretically harmless application. Later he took possession of his data and all the list of friends that this user possessed. We are talking about likes, interests, ways of speaking and still claiming private messages.

Elon Musk erases Facebook from Tesla, Space X, and his profile after #deletefacebook

That’s why the world is upset with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. One of them, Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla and Space X erased his profile of the social network and took with him the profiles of Space X and Tesla. All this after the hashtag #deletefacebook fall into the trends on twitter.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have never done very well, the truth is this. Some time ago the two were arguing in public about artificial intelligence. Elon Musk asked for extra care when working with new technologies, and the Facebook CEO did not share the same opinion.

The history of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica will still give a lot to talk about. One week Mark’s company lost about $ 50 billion on the stock market, a blow to the company’s portfolio.


  1. Tragedy be that! O! They should resolve their issues peacefully, not by this means…
    Wish them peaceful resolving..


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