Home NEWS Elon Musk claims to be building a “cyborg dragon”

Elon Musk claims to be building a “cyborg dragon”

Elon Musk claims to be building a cyborg dragon

Despite the challenges that Tesla is facing in the production of Model 3 , the CEO of the company and entrepreneur Elon Musk seems to remain dedicated to its parallel projects. The latest of them, apparently, is the construction of a dragon cyborg.

The statement was posted by Musk on the afternoon of this Wednesday (25) on Twitter, with no explanation whatsoever to follow. ” Oh, by the way, I’m building a cyborg dragon,” Musk wrote on the social network.


If it were authored by anyone else on the web, the statement might sound crazy and this tweet would not be noteworthy. But we all know Musk enough to know of his ability to surprise. Even if it means a dragon cyborg.

Just remember that in January of this year, for example, the entrepreneur stated that his tunnelling infrastructure company, The Boring Company, would sell his own flamethrower. The product was actually released and sold out in days.

We look forward to it. Meanwhile, you can find out more about the life and side projects of Elon Musk in this special video we produce about him.


  1. Huh! Cyborg dragon 🐲, just looking forward to see it then, cause i still don’t understand wella.
    Thanks for the info..


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