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Elon Musk has built the biggest battery in the world in less than 100 days

Elon Musk fulfilled his promise and built the world’s largest lithium-ion battery to help South Australia with a constantly deteriorating power supply. But he not only took on a difficult task but also drove himself into a tight framework. In his Twitter, he wrote literally the following: “[to be built in] 100 days – or free.”

Elon Musk

As a result, the head of Tesla kept his promise, and the battery for 100 megawatts is ready for testing. This was reported in a press release by the local government. A giant battery called Tesla Powerpacks was installed in the Hornsdale wind farm near Adelaide. Powerpacks will be operational on December 1.

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Note that in September last year in South Australia, there was a power outage across the state. This has led to a national debate on energy security. As a result, the Australian authorities blamed this on failed attempts to use renewable energy sources. The Tesla battery pack is capable of storing a huge amount of energy from renewable sources (mainly wind and sun) to provide electricity to the entire state.

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    O my God… That is awesome! They won’t be shortage of energy ⚡!
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